Maker Space Beyond Your Imagination

by Shu-Yu Liu

Instead of working on projects on your own, why not come to Maker Space to exchange ideas and get involved! There is a Maker Space in Hsinchu City with all kinds of devices and services beyond everyone’s imagination, and it has been located inside a welfare service center for the disabled.

Health Minister Shih-Chung Chen and distinguished guests at the opening ceremony

Maker Bay Hidden in Welfare Center Contributing to a Diverse Living Space

Hsinchu County Government looks forward to more career possibilities for people with disabilities. To achieve this goal, a new service model is built in local communities to promote a living style that features joining hands and hearts of all residents. The facility has day-care center, malls, and fitness centers, addin recreations for residents. In addition, to make the most of Hsinchu, which enjoys smart technology and advanced developments, Maker Bay, a shared office, is set up on the third floor. Maker Bay provides various smart applications for care services, and people can file applications for startup projects. The goal is to attract Makers working in the elderly care service as well as social enterprises that promote innovative services. It is expected that there can be connections among industries and channel for service and product verification, where innovation can be performed in care services for the entire society.

The Maker Space in the Tongxin Building provides flexible coworking space for Makers in the elderly care industry. There is also space and equipment for health care R&D startup teams to carry out experiments and concept exchanges. On top of these, there are various practicum courses and occasional forums as platforms for resource connections to bring together professionals from different areas. There is also a Shared Lab, where users can find all kinds of resources for 3D-printing and designs. Let’s not forget the equipment for project molding and even devices for analysis and testing after the projects are finished.

From “I” to “we”- Interdisciplinary Innovation

Maker Bay promotes the idea of from “I” to “we”, where a user can work with partners from all walks and exchange ideas. There are resident teams from Hsinchu area that are professionals in the senior care industry, including experts in solar energy, IC design, VR technology, robotics, universal design, etc. Should any user wish to join hands with venture capital companies, there are also connections and channels to make contacts.

VR deices in Maker Bay
Set up inside Maker Bay


Maker Bay looks forward to more teams in Hsinchu in the innovative industries where there are industry-academic collaborations, so as to create interdisciplinary bonding. This Maker Space, whose location is known to only few people, has only been open for a while, but it is believed that soon it will become a place where creative minds meet. By then, it will have the potential to blossom into a helping hand in solving challenges for elderly people in Taiwan.




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