Youth Maker Champion at IEYI

by Jia-Jheng Yeh

International Exhibition for Young Inventors (IEYI) is an annual exhibition of youth creativity invention, where participants are 6- to 19-year-olds. Find out about some of the trophy-winning projects at this grand event in the following!

Cup for the Blind

Yo-An Ji, who invented the Cup for the Blind, experienced making coffee without using her sight at a creative thinking program. That got her thinking about ways to make it more convenient in life for people with poor eyesight, especially when Ji thought about her grandmother who has been in certain age and has deteriorated sight, since she has troubling pouring water without spilling it.

At first, she tried pouring water into the cup, and the toy ball on the water surface was driven up with the water level due to buoyancy. There was a stick with marks for users to learn about the water level through touching. Afterwards, Ji decided to try bamboo chopsticks and a ping-pong ball, but bamboo and wooden sticks became moldy after being soaked in water for a long time. She ended up making the sticks using 3D-printing, coupled with mugs. This project won the golden medal at the selective trials in Taiwan under IEYI, and later won the silver medal under the categories of Technologies for Special Needs in the world game.

Cup for the Blind by Yo-An Ji

Eye Blink Control of Home Appliances

Due to an elderly in the family paralyzed from the neck down, Qi-Jun Jian parnerted with his classmate Jie-Chen Lin, both of whom from the Department of Computer Science, Chung Shan Industrial & Commercial School and spent a year developing a device that allows control over home appliances through eye blinks. Different from the eye-tracking device used by late physicist Stephen Hawking, which cost about NT$15 million, the version by Jian and Lin only costs about NT$ 10,000.

In configuration, also different from that used by Hawking, which requires many sensors to capture eye movements, the version they built uses one camera to track eye movements, while the other camera is used for image recognition, making user movements more intuitive in operations. Users can activate home appliances simply by blinking at them.

Unplugged Disinfection Food Defrosting Tray

Due to the global pandemics and the fact that virus can spread worldwide through frozen food, people have faced countless challenges in life. For this reason, Yi-Ting Chen from Mingdao High School in Taichung City invented an unplugged defrosting tray that features sterilization. The energy generated in the process of thawing frozen food can be channeled to an aluminum metal with thermal conductivity to cause reverse power generation through a cooling chip. This power, in turn, can activate an ultraviolet LED lamp to achieve disinfection.


Every year, countless creative young minds sign up for IEYI, aiming at solving problems in daily life through their innovation and creativity.



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