[Cultural and Creative Design] DIY Bluetooth Speaker!

As people’s life becomes more convenient, wireless connection has become the standard spec for almost all 3C products, and Bluetooth speakers have become prevalent in our everyday life. This time, Wen Create Maker Room will show you how to build your own Bluetooth speaker.

Concept for Design

What Wen Create Maker Room does every day is to turn waste materials or old necessities into new things, and one good example is a Bluetooth speaker. After several times of trying and failing, Wen Create Maker Room found that regular desktop Bluetooth speakers people buy do not come in complicated design, and there are many modules and parts that are compatible to different speaker types. People can design their own looks on the outside using laser-cutting; some even made an environmentally friendly speaker out of a wine bottle.

Parts needed for a Bluetooth speaker

To build a Bluetooth speaker, there needs to be Bluetooth amplifier boards, power supply, single speaker, and speakers.

There are several types of Bluetooth amp boards, so make sure you pick the ones with the right specs in voltage and watts.
Bluetooth speakers often adopts boards with 5V or 12V, which needs to match the specs of the amp board.
The specs for voltage and ohm power for the speaker also need to be checked

Electronic Parts

There can be all kinds of changes made to the speaker cabinet. You can use paper cups, wine bottles, or even laser-cut wooden plates, yet the sound effect out of different materials need to be checked.

If you search with keywords, such as “Bluetooth amp board”, there are quite a few modules for your reference. The following are the amp board and power supply module that we use most often at Wen Create Maker Room. They are CT14 and PCBA by JYWD, both of which support 3.3 to 5-V power spec and can be charged via regular charging cables for mobile phones.


These two boards are handy, as they come with quick connectors. All users need is a speaker that fits and it is good to go. There are no extra parts or buttons, and all you need to do is plug it in and connect the speaker via Bluetooth. Its convenience makes it a great prop in a class-room setting.

Specifically, CT14 comes with attached MICRO USB power supply port. The quick-connect plugs are all XH2.54-2-pin connectors, so you can simply buy suitable wire terminals and weld them to your speaker.


Wire terminals

When it comes to speakers, there is no certain types that Wen Create Maker Room makes use of; instead, we just make the most of whatever we have at hands.

Speaker Cabinet

We tried once building the cabinet using Ethanol bottle with laser-cut figures in animal shapes, while recycled glasses were used another time at classes for children, for safety reasons,. Both of these two materials work out pretty well.

Speakers made using Ethanol bottle with laser-cut figures in animal shapes

The overall concept is to use wooden plates and screws for fixing the speaker and different materials for the cabinet. In this way, the sound made can be projected in certain directions.

Other Works

Wine bottles can be coupled with lights to bring out different vibes;

laser-cut patterns as palace lanterns are also nice touches.


For Makers, it is crucial that they solve problems with their own hands, and it is of the equal importance that they make good use of different resources during the process. Experienced Makers, with their creativity and modifications, can build something amazing and of good use out of waste materials that others find useless.

It is hoped that through the sharing this time, people can understand that it is not difficult to create, and it can be interesting and fulfilling to build something out of wastes in their daily life.



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