Taiwan Education Integrated with AI Technology

by Jia-Jheng Yeh

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a part of people’s life. In the hope that the next generation can have a better understanding of the application of AI in daily life, there are courses provided by the government and the private sector to cultivate talents needed in the industry.

MOE launching the first AI courses

For students in primary and middle schools to learn more about AI, the Ministry of Education (MOE) launches the Artificial Intelligence Talent Cultivation Program- Primary and Secondary School Project. The program introduces AI knowledge that is difficult to understand through easy materials. There is also Make Friend with AI, a series of courses for primary and middle schools that integrate AI technology into basic education. This year, a workshop is organized where the builders of Make Friends with AI share their teaching methods in designing course contents with situated learning.

MOE launching AI learning materials- Make Friends with AI

AI-themed comics by Foxconn Education Foundation

Devoted in science and technology education, Foxconn Education Foundation has been planning a set of comic books that introduces AI technology and its applications since 2020. The foundation brings together AI experts, outstanding playwrights that write children’s plays, cartoonists, and ECUS Publishing House to create Studious League: Battle of the AI Sun Kingdom, a set of comics targeted for primary and middle school students and it will soon be published in 2021.

Newsoft Technology Corporation starting Maker Train

Committed to education in technology in Taiwan for years, Newsoft Technology Corporation started Maker Train, a Maker education project, in 2017. The goal is to introduce 3D printing, programming, and all sorts of resources in technology into school campuses. Recently, AI technology has also been integrated into local culture in Taiwan. For instance, National Palace Museum is invited to develop Palace Museum Magic Ride, a project that puts together primary and middle schools as well as Maker Bases from different cities. With the teaching materials from the Museum and AI image recognition with programming, Kebbi Air, a robot that introduces cultural relics is born. Kebbi Air is designed to introduce the ancient paintings and historical relics in the Museum using image recognition. It is expected that this design can start children’s interest in learning about the history and stories behind the works.


Starting from the 2019 Academic Year, school curriculum in primary and middle schools has adopted AI-related courses from Grade 1 to 12. The purpose is to cultivate students’ interest in such technology, in the hope that education in Taiwan can end the cramming teaching methods in the past, and, in turn, encourage students to show creativity and let their imagination run free.



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