Young girls break into the sky, the only cloud farm platform in Taiwan

by Lin Liang Jie

“You young girls want to go to agriculture, can you?” This is the first impression and feedback Le Yi often receives. However, the team keeps this sentence in mind like a motto, that is to break traditional stereotypes, and through its own professional skills, provide global good agricultural practices (GLOBALG.A.P.) verification counseling, and then help farmers expand access and market!

Fresh graduates in their early twenties, bravely embarking on an entrepreneurial road are not afraid of hardship

Four young girls in their early twenties, at this stage of their youth, should have been air-conditioned in the office, or chatted with friends in the cafe to take pictures! But these four girls who graduated from the Department of Horticulture at Chiayi University plunged into the farm business under the scorching sun.
Enthusiastic about learning about agriculture and observing the environment of agriculture, so they can’t bear to waste their efforts throughout the year because of the imbalance between supply and demand. They hope to help farmers get export sales through their agricultural majors and agricultural management system expertise during their studies. The exclusive verification, expansion of channels and markets are no longer confined to the country or restricted by market demand. You can rely on quality to eat and live a worry-free life.

Global good agricultural practices verification, cloud agriculture platform helps you

Global Good Agricultural Practice (GLOBALG.A.P.) is a supply chain partnership that focuses on safety issues in the agricultural production process, food safety and agricultural sustainability. It is hoped that through verification, the agricultural production process can be controlled, and international standardization operations can be carried out for the steps of production, packaging, transportation and marketing, and possible hazards can be simulated in advance and solutions can be formulated to prevent, remove or reduce food hazards.

Demonstrated and shared at Zhongke Smart Robot Self-made Base

Through visits and interviews with producers, the Leyi team puts the spirit of the GLOBALG.A.P. system and practices in the farm, and according to the needs of the producers, it assists farmers in building records with documents or cloud farm platforms. Among them, the cloud farm platform is currently the only tutoring unit in Taiwan that provides cloud platform services. At present, it is also connected to the IoT to assist in farm management and data collection, so that device data can be automatically updated to the cloud system, which facilitates farmer management and subsequent data analysis.

Conduct farmer visits on site, inform relevant information and provide GLOBALG.A.P. verification guidance


The team registered and established the company in May 2020, and began to focus on the tutoring of global good agricultural practices (GLOBALG.A.P.) verification and cloud-based system analysis. In addition, they will also plant fruits for sale in Chiayi area, or go to rural schools to teach basic knowledge of agriculture.



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