The “isolation cabin” protects the health of babies

by Lin Liang Jie

The “Epidemic Prevention and Isolation Baby Cabin” is composed of the National Cheng Kung University Forward-looking Medical Equipment Technology Center. The members include graduate students, assistant researchers, project managers, etc. The team participated in the 2020 Chiayi City AIoT Maker Song Design Application Competition and stood out from the 35 teams. Entered into the final election, which experienced course training, counseling, and the final Demo results published to get good results!

Epidemic prevention and isolation baby cabin to protect Baby’s health

The new crown pneumonia epidemic is raging. In addition to washing hands frequently and wearing masks, protect yourself and protect your family members, but at this time how to protect and protect the newborn baby? In Thailand, there are hospitals specially designed transparent face masks for babies, which look cute. In Taiwan, there is a post-natal care home. A transparent protective cover is added to the crib to block droplet infection. The baby must wear a full set of protective clothing.

The inventor’s full moon baby is suitable

The “Epidemic Prevention and Isolation Baby Cabin” team at Chenggong University used readily available water pipes and 3D printed parts to form a protective bracket, transparent cloth as a protective cover, and set up a simple host fan and environmental detection module in the protective cabin. Monitor the environmental information in the cabin at any time and remind the caregiver of the current information in the cabin!

Wisdom bladder lavage machine inhibits bacteria, helping doctors prescribe the right medicine

Smart Bladder Irrigation Machine is a medical equipment device developed to solve common urinary tract infection (UTI). Urinary tract infection (UTI) accounts for about 30% to 40% of all nosocomial infections, and about 90% of them are related to long-term indwelling catheters, such as long-term care patients, diabetic patients, pregnant women, and people with Parkinson’s disease , Cortical stroke, brain tumor patients.

The team developed an activated carbon lavage agent that uses physical therapy to assist patients with long-term use of urinary catheters through a self-developed portable smart lavage device and sensor chip. A new generation of portable smart urine lavage device helps patients who use urinary catheters for a long time through the lavage process. This portable smart urine lavage device is equipped with an absorbent material lavage agent, which can quickly Remove the bacteria in the bladder, reduce the number of bacteria to the minimum pathogenic amount (104), reduce inflammation, delay the course of urinary tract infections in the elderly, and strive for the time for urine testing so that the doctor can prescribe the right medicine.


The epidemic prevention and isolation baby cabin team hopes that through the cross-field talents of the successful university, the development of innovative medical materials and the energy of the clinical hospitals of each college, the forward-looking medical equipment technology center can become an excellent family. We look forward to everyone following the development and trend of technology. Let smart medical treatment get more repercussions and feedback, and contribute to the society!



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