Craftsman Weaving a Peculiar Journey: Conversations with Society through Clothing x Weaving Life in Fabrics

by Shu-Yu Liu

Craftsman Weaving a Peculiar Journey: Conversations with Society through Clothing x Weaving Life in Fabrics

Choosing fabrics with care, controlling the sewing machine with steady steps, and cutting cloths with one scissor after another, Ilas Wang and Yuan-hsin Hsu weave their life day in day out.

Not for dreams, but for the passion that leads him in every soar

Ilas Wang, a Maker stationed at the TSM Regional Branch of Maker Base, talked about the reasons he became a fashion designer. He said, “I did not take this path due to some marvelous dream, but because I feel happy when I am doing it.”

After finishing the military service, Wang worked as an assistant pattern maker, yet he realized he is not used to working under a set system. Therefore, he chose to start YIBO, a brand co-founded with his partner in 2016. He believes that one can communicate with society through clothing, in the hope to create opportunities where people can connect with each other and everyone, in their own opinion, can present the best of them with bravery and live their life to the fullest.

Not being used to working under a set system, Ilas Wang founded YIBO

Where Maker Base met Ilas Wang

In the very beginning, Wang heard that Mr. Chien Fei-yong, a well-known pattern maker, started a course called Advanced Legislative Work Camp at the Maker Base. Wang signed up for the course and built works of his dreams with the resources at the base.

Workshops bringing Ilas Wang into the Maker Base

An immature creator into a brand leader

Yuan-hsin Hsu, who is only 24 years old, established her own brand last year. Upon graduation, Hsu participated in a three-month professional training held by the YCT Regional Branch of Maker Base for sewing women’s clothing, hoping to learn more skills and know more about technology in fiber and clothing. She then became stationed at Fablab STMC (Southern Taiwan Maker Center) after successfully obtaining her license.

At the Maker Center, Hsu has grown from an inexperienced creator to a brand leader, and she is also a lecturer for handcraft courses. She points out that she had her first lectures in technical operation and workshops in handcrafts at the Center. She did not know how to use a laser cutter and learned everything from scratch after she moved in. Coupled with processing and handwork, she is now able to finish projects with efficiency, while there remains warmth in her hand-made works.

Yuan-hsin Hsu giving lectures in courses

Possibilities seen in handcraft integrated with digital technology

With the assistance from the Center, Hsu also established her own brand- Billnogates. The brand features sewing using technology and materials for different fibers to create various applications for new ideas. As the brand brings together traditional craftsmanship as well as digital technology, it is hoped that through the use of simple weaving tools, more people can understand how weaving works, which can trigger different ideas in such craftsmanship.

Yuan-hsin Hsu holding the Penguin Sewing Pad



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