Start-up companies with Innovative Technologies- Standing out among Competition

by Jia-Jheng Yeh

In recent years, there are more software developing companies starting to set foot in Maker culture, developing projects and works to solve problems and give people better lives. The following are some innovative technologies from startup companies in Taiwan.

AgriTalk Tech Inc.: Regulatory system with non-toxic agricultural fertilizer and reagents for pests

AgriTalk Tech Inc. was jointly established by Dr. Chen-wen Liang, Associate Professor from the College of Biological Science and Technology, National Chiao Tung University and students from the University. By using various sensors to collect environmental data in agricultural land, coupled with big data analysis and AI machine learning and training, the team builds an automated platform to monitor and manage six basic elements, including crop disease, pests, soil fertility, moisture/humidity, temperature, and light.

The most common problem in suburban areas is soil acidification due to the use of pesticide for a long time, followed by the lack of labor caused by the emigration of workforce and aging population. Therefore, AgriTalk Tech Inc. has come up with a smart and automated solution featuring non-toxic and precise fertilization, which can not only reduce workforce demand, but also maintain soil fertility. Gradually, soil acidification can be solved.

Food allergen detection system

Today, many people are allergic to foods such as peanuts, nuts, seafood, or milk, but most of the allergen detection today features quick screening tests, which show results either as “Positive” or “Negative,” and there are people with different allergic reactions that require testing with higher accuracy.

Therefore, Taiwan User-Friendly Sensor and Tech., founded by 3 professionals with years of experience of working together medical testing, has developed a food allergen detection system using nanotechnology. The system shows performance in high quality and accuracy with a detection limit of 1ppm. The whole detection process can be completed within 2 minutes.

Advantages of the food allergen detection system

AI lung medical assistance system

Traditionally, experienced attending physicians can judge a patient’s vital signs and condition using stethoscopes and observations. However, in emergency rooms where critical situations are common, it is difficult for doctors to stay by the side of patients at any time; therefore, exposing patients to all kinds of risks. For this reason, Heroic-Faith Medical Science was established to create an AI lung medical assistance system. Based on clinical needs, the system is able to identify patients’ adventitious breath sounds by analyzing 6,800 cases and 320,000 pieces of audio data that are 10 to 15 seconds long each. Bases on the information collected, the system can be trained to become more accurate and stable.

AI lung medical assistance system that sends alert signals based on patients’ abnormal breath sounds


There are many start-ups with high-quality technology in Taiwan. In addition to the skills needed, they must also grasp the right time to enter the market, have suitable business models in place, and possess communication skills as well as innovations. Only in this way is there a chance for start-ups to stand out and secure customers’ order and trust.



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