Skyful of Drones- A New Visual Feast

by Jia-Jheng Yeh

A small drone can be used for aerial photography, pesticide spraying, patrol and reconnaissance, and delivery, while a group drone flight in formation can also put up a good show that people cannot take their eyes off.

Mazu and Temple Culture Promoted via Drones

AI_Robot Hub at Southern Taiwan Science Park joined hands with Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics from National Cheng Kung University to develop a fleet of drones. The team deployed over 100 drones over the Holy Mother Temple at Luerhmen in Tainan City to celebrate the birthday of Mazu. The drones flew in formation with patterns that represent local Taiwanese features, including a phoenix spreading wings, birthday peach, the word “TAIWAN,” and a cute and graphic version of Mazu figure. Through the combination of technology and tradition, it is hoped that more young people can learn about Mazu culture in depth.

Taiwan Lantern Festival in Pingtung- Drones Light up Night Sky

2019 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Pingtung featured a 3D visual feast of theme combination of land, sea, and air. Intel’s Drone Light Show went on the stage for the first time in Taiwan, with 300 drones lighting up the night sky with various patterns, including the word “Pingtung,” “TAIWAN,” bluefin Tuna, windsurfing board, Eluanbi Lighthouse, etc. These images of things with which people are familiar were presented with breathtaking visual effects, and the audience were dazzled.

Intel used to be referred to as the PC Giant, whose main business was personal computers. From 2016 to 2019, Intel had been frequently demonstrating its drone performances. Through its chip technology and software integration, 300 drones can be controlled by simply 1 computer. Even for indoor event with poor GPS signals, the system can make sure that no drone will crash into one another or fall behind the fleet.

Blessing from the Big Fish- Tourism Driven by Innovative Technology

On the Western Valentine’s Day in 2019, a performance was presented by Taiwan Drone 100, a team consisting of members from 4 schools, including Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Shih Chien University, Kao Yuan University, and Chang Jung Christian University. The performance featured 20 drones lighting up the night sky at Anping, Tainan with a new local attraction- Blessing from the Big Fish. With the drone formation, topped with melodious music, people could picture a big fish swimming in night sky at ease, just like in the vast ocean. In the 7-minute performance, the drones flew in formation based on 2 themes- Blessing from the Big Fish and Love in Anping, conveying the idea that Taiwan watches over its people, just as an invisible whale guarding us on the sea. The idea illuminated every corner of Anping as well as the entire island.


Currently, Taiwan still lacks understanding of drone technology, while related regulations and subsidiary measures are not yet in place. Also, the focus of development varies among different industries, while the high cost of flight technicians, equipment, and control system remains another challenge. That being said, it is believed that as long as we continue to promote it and focus on research and development, we will be able to set a new milestone in developing drone technology one day!



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