UAV Surveillance- New Application in Reservoir Inspection and Maintenance

 Jia-Jheng Yeh

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or drones used in the military in the early days require no pilots and were remotely-controlled through wireless communication networks. In recent years, due to the development of Internet of Things (IoT), making drones more prevalent in commerce, agriculture, and national defense. The following is an introduction to the application of drones in reservoir inspection and maintenance.

Reservoir Inspection by Drones

According to the Water Resources Agency under MOEA, there are 200 registered reservoirs in Taiwan, and according to regulations, a safety assessment is required every five years. In the past, inspections were done through visual inspections that could have been interrupted by bad weather conditions. Sometimes, there are certain areas that cannot be covered through boat inspection by the inspectors alone, which could lead to greater problems in future inspections.

Inspections done by drones, on the other hand, require backstage management systems, image management platforms, remote control, and sensors, etc. In addition to providing real-time images, the system can compare high-resolution images over different periods of time and carry out inspections on a regular basis to make sure the dams are safe and stable.

Reservoir inspection by drones to overcome the restrictions of terrestrial environment.

Drone patrol and security

Taiwan has the leading technology in semiconductor wafer design in the world, and the safety of science parks and factories has become indispensable. Therefore, the importance of maintenance personnel can never be overemphasized.

By replacing security and surveillance patrols done by humans with drones equipped with AI image recognition technology, objects can be tracked through images that are simultaneously uploaded to the monitoring center. In this way, operators can receive the most accurate real-time information. Drones can replace monitoring operators and collect information from the sky for security and surveillance from different angles due to their small size and high mobility.

Drone patrol and security

Automated fleet of drones for patrols

Some areas in Taiwan are densely populated, while there is a lower population density in rural areas. Local police stations are usually in charge of patrol for an enormous area, and there are areas with higher crime rates that are overlooked. The Industrial Technology Research Center (ITRI) makes use of drones to develop an automated fleet for security and surveillance patrols. The time required for a single patrol is shortened, and drones can perform tasks without any humans involved. Therefore, the number of patrols per day can also be increased.

Drone patrols to lower crime rates by covering all corners in an area.


Drones are widely used in logistics and transportation, disaster relief, security surveillance, and several other fields. Due to their high mobility, automated operation, and small size, drones can monitor ground situations from the sky and avoid the problems that may occur in human inspection, which gives rise to a new form of security surveillance.



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