[New AI Application] CHO’s Big Help- AI Interview

By Jia-Jheng Yeh

[New AI Application] CHO’s Big Help- AI Interview

Most people go through interviews with senior supervisors, HR manager, or bosses of a company before they are admitted to a job. In the future, job seekers may face a new challenge, where people take AI (artificial intelligence) interviews. With the development of AI technology, AI interviewing systems have also been developed in recent years. The AI system interviews candidates and builds a video portfolio of candidates, which greatly improves the efficiency of talent acquisition.

AI hiring system

A story from Washington Post points out that, HireVue, an AI-hiring company, has developed an AI hiring system, featuring cameras and computing that can analyze candidates’ reactions during an interview. Before the AI hiring system is used in an interview, the system will collect information of all the employees related to that job vacancy in a company, ranging from senior staff to newcomers and from those with the best performance to the worst. These data are used as the baseline for evaluating candidates and sorting out the fit and capable ones for the job.

The 3 things you should know about AI interviews

AI systems are most often used as a cost-effective way to filter out resumes. In the past, most candidates put much effort on making a resume with a fancy and creative layout, but when it comes to AI, it is best to abide by the company resume template provided and fill out the form with information that is accurate and easily understood. Avoid typos, or the system may mark you as careless and sloppy.

In the past, people have been used to answering interview questions with a smile, but AI will go deeper into analyzing the changes in people’s facial expressions in their self-introduction video and mark candidates based on their eye contact, tone of voice, and the rate of speech.

Types of AI interviewing systems

At present, most AI interviewing systems can be classified into five types, including:

  1. The system based on texts that performs big data analysis on the resumes.
  2. The system mainly based on AI Chatbot that simulates a conversational partner for interview dialogue.
  3. The system based on social media, analyzing job seekers’ data on social platforms, including posts, messages, pictures, etc.
  4. The system based on voice data, analyzing candidates’ words, semantics, or emotions during interviews.
  5. The system based on videos using facial recognition to analyze the change in facial expressions of candidates when they answer questions.


Today, AI technology has become prevalent, and there are more companies making use of AI interviewing system to make interviews more cost-effective. In the future, job seekers will have to learn to make video portfolios for interviews with so many details to take care of, so as to land a job of their dream.



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