[Feature Story] Smart Disaster Prediction & Application through Technology

By Jia-Jheng Yeh

In recent years, Taiwan has faced many disasters, including fires, typhoons, earthquakes, etc. Due to the constraints of current technology, there is no way to predict the possibility of disasters happening before they do. That being said, smart disaster prevention is feasible as some methods can be conducted with the help of technology for people to receive notices beforehand and follow certain instructions.

EDP: Real-time Updates of Disaster Prevention Information

The New Taipei City Government has recently established the Emergency Data Platform (EDP), which is composed of 64 databases for disaster prevention at both the central and local governments using 80,000 pieces of data from real-time image monitoring. It features early warning and analysis, hierarchical disaster image classification (HDIC), and multiple disaster image management. The platform can monitor 852 flood-prone areas in New Taipei City through 1,300 sets of real-time image monitoring systems. With this technology, the government is able to predict possible flood areas 48 hours prior to heavy rainfall and provide emergency operation centers at different locations with more accurate and real-time information for decision making in the disaster response.

Planning and development of EDP (Source: YouTube)

Safer Home- Smart Disaster Prevention and Mitigation System

To create an environment conducive to safe living and economic development, the Central Taiwan Science Park (CTSP) has built Taiwan’s first Smart Disaster Prevention and Mitigation System, which integrates structural safety monitoring and on-site earthquake early warning as well as a smart flood-proofing system. Also, the smart flood-proofing system is connected to the sensors, including rain gauges, liquid level gauges, and other gadgets, in different parks at CTSP for 24-hour monitoring. Combined with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, users are able to receive the latest updates regarding the park area and assess flood risk accordingly.

CTSP builds Taiwan’s first Smart Disaster Prevention and Mitigation System (Source: YouTube)


Smart disaster prevention applications have been gradually deployed across Taiwan. At present, the government is making use of a large number of data for analysis and integrations through the help of countless disaster prevention units, and public-private partnerships are strengthened during this process. It is believed that in the near future, smart disaster prevention can be more advanced and implemented through more sustainable measures.



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