[Feature Story] Smart Home 101

by Wen-Pei Wang

In recent years, “smart home” has become a concept often seen on the news or the Internet, and there have been more and more products related to this concept. That being said, if asked to define a “smart home,” not everyone can answer that. Therefore, the following is a brief introduction to this concept and its application in people’s daily life.


“Smart home” has not yet been defined specifically, and sometimes, it may also be termed a digital home, home automation, an e-Home, etc.

According to the entry on Wikipedia, a smart home refers to practicing home automation through the use of devices that connect via a central hub via the Internet, an automation system, and sensors.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the above technologies, the Internet that used to connect people to people has gradually become the Internet of Things (IoT) that connects people to things or things to things. Under this trend, products related to automation in a smart home have become more prevalent.

The Scope of a Smart Home

Smart home services are boundless. With the continuous development of technology and its application, a smart home has been incorporated into more aspects of people’s lives, including food, clothing, housing, transportation, education, entertainment, health, medical care, and so on.

With an increase in smart products, some people may be wondering if there is such need. People used to not have these products, yet they had no problem leading a convenient life. In addition, some smart home products that are able to connect to the Internet are exceptionally expensive, so it seems that there is no need for such products.

But try to think from the following point of view. Smart home products are developed based on the ideas to bring users safe, convenient, and timely services. For instance, some people are not sure if they have locked the door, before they leave their house. Has this ever happened to you? Also, do you wish to have an alarm sent to your phone when someone has broken into your house or when there is smoke detected?

A home automation system can control lighting, windows, and home appliances. There can also be home security that controls access and alarm systems. When connected to the Internet, home appliances all play an important role in the entire smart network and can work cooperatively with each other. In this way, people’s life can be more convenient and comfortable, and there can even be more energy saved.


Almost all smart home products on the market today are designed to allow users to control their home appliances with voice control or mobile phones via the Internet. The purpose is to make people’s life more convenient and easier so that people can have more time to deal with matters that require more effort and attention.



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