Makers Joining Force in Disease Prevention- Innovation Leads the Fight

By Jia-Jheng Yeh

As Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) broke out in 2019 and has become a pandemic on a global level, resources including masks, alcohol, and forehead thermometers are in short supply. The following are projects where Makers build tools for disease prevention with their innovation!

DIY Disinfection Box- Bring Your Mask Back to Life

In response to the disease spreading, the government recently announced a controlled supply of masks. The system started out as buyers purchasing masks by showing their national ID card, and now it has become a rationing system. To meet the huge demand, there are various methods on the Internet that show people how to reuse masks. One example is a mask disinfection box made by Eugene Tsai. Tsai built the structure of the box with cardboard and set the interior space into four. Put under the disinfection lamp- PHILIPS TUV 8W G8 T5 for 10 minutes, the mask was disinfected properly and ready to be used again just like new!

Bringing in Science and Technology- DIY Infrared Imaging Thermal Camera at School

In response to COVID-19, schools of all levels have set up infrared cameras to monitor students’ body temperature. Due to limited budgets and short supply from manufacturers, Kaohsiung Municipal Rueisiang High School decided to work with technology companies to incorporate technology into life practices and guide students to solve problems with their innovation. The two institutes started the DIY Infrared Thermal Imaging Program, where students acquire the expertise in technology to join the fight in disease prevention. According to the director of Student Affairs at Rueisiang High School, Andy Ko, who is also in charge of the program, to build a miniature infrared imaging camera that costs less than NT$10,000, all you need is connect the M5Stack module to the MLX90640 Thermal Camera, coupled with online graphic control programming, and voila!


DIY Infrared Imaging Camera by teachers and students (Source: Ministry of Education)

Sensor Tap for Disease Prevention

When it comes to the response to COVID-19, people in all walks of life advocate washing hands frequently and wearing masks. To reduce the chance of being infected through contact with items, the Li Shin Maker Technology Education Center at Li Shin Junior High School in Taichung City incorporates measures in disease prevention into their teaching curriculum. The goal is to bring all teaching faculty and students together to develop touchless faucets using programming and development boards. Once these faucets are set up on the campus, everyone can wash their hands without touching the faucet, as water comes right out when people put out their hands. This project can not only facilitate disease prevention with the help of technology but also train students to solve problems with resources at their hands.

Sensor tap by Li Shin Junior High School in Taichung City (Source: Taichung City Government)


As COVID-19 continues to spread, teachers and students have joined the ranks of Makers by using their talents and innovation to build protecting gears, UVC disinfection boxes, and other tools in the fight against the pandemic. The aim is to maximize disease prevention via the minimum cost and build a convenient and safe living environment for everyone.



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