[Feature Story- Smart City] ICF- Taiwan’s Smart Technology and Innovation onto the World Stage

by Liang-Jie Lin

A smart city, in a broad sense, is an urban area where assets, resources, and services are managed using advanced information technology so that people in the city can live a more convenient and comfortable life. The “smart” concept integrates human intelligence, such as in the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data analysis. Human intelligence and technology brought together can form an indispensable driving force to develop a smart city.

Urban development under the ICF network

Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) sets forth its mission in its motto- help communities use information and communications technology (ICT) to create inclusive prosperity, tackle social and governance challenges, and enrich their quality of life. ICF highlights the annual Intelligent Community Award, which attracts cities around the world to participate in the selection of The Intelligent Community of the Year, based on 6 indicators: Broadband, Knowledge Workforce, Innovation, Digital Equality, Sustainability, and Advocacy. There are also annual themes as another quality indicator, such as The Internet of Cities in 2017, Humanizing Data in 2018, and Infinite Learning in 2019.

6 indicators in the ICF selection (Source: Intelligent City of Taoyuan Information Service Network)

Taiwan’s smart technology recognized by the world in ICF selection

In February 2019, Taoyuan City, competing with 400 communities around the world, was the only Asian city selected as the Top7 Intelligent Communities. In addition, it was awarded the Intelligent Community of the Year in the 2019 Summit. These once again showed the world Taiwan’s achievements in technology integration.

Awards received by Taoyuan City over the years(Source: Intelligent City of Taoyuan Information Service Network)

In the past ten years, Taoyuan City has promoted several projects, such as Taoyuan Citizen Card, which has been issued since September 2015. Now it can provide up to 31 integrated functionalities, including credit cards, electronic wallets (eWallets), and electronic invoice carriers. Other projects include the installation of smart street lights that can save electricity and manpower and the introduction of the image recognition and tracking system to help law enforcement agencies solve crimes. The awards received have shown the world everything achieved over the past few years.


Taoyuan City is now actively seeking to hold international forums such as the 2020 ICF TOP7 and the 2020 ICF Asia. It is expected that Taoyuan City can increase its international visibility and shine on the world stage.

The purpose of ICF selection, in essence, is to create an environment conducive to competitions among cities and even nations. The goal is to provide citizens with an urban life of high quality so that everyone can work together to build a better and more sustainable smart city.