What is a Maker? -A person who loves to build things and solve problems through practice

by Liang-Jie Lin

What do you think of when you hear “Maker?” Is it someone who likes textile arts such as sewing? An inventor by profession? Or an application developer in technology? In fact, they can all be referred to as “Makers.” As long as you love building something and continue to do it, whether it be pure handmade design or creation through the help of technology, you can call yourself a Maker.

“I want to make one of these by myself!”

Makers, also known as “self-maker,” have one same belief– “I can and I want to build one of this by myself!” A Maker can build a container using wood pieces or fold a plane using a piece of paper. These are all examples of being a Maker. In recent years, due to the advancement of technology, businesses in traditional manufacturing have begun to make use of technology for all kinds of innovative applications such as 3D-printed artifacts or the Internet of Things (IoT) that we are familiar with today.

There are various activities in Taiwan for the public to experience the fun of self-making (Source: vMaker

Daily Routine of Makers- DIY

Zhong-Ren Wu, a member of FABLAB Tainan, is an audiologist. After work, he is also a Maker who solves problems for his colleagues and patients. For instance, Wu invented a “dial board” which facilitates tracking patients’ information as well as transition to the medical staff that takes over between shifts at a glance. Now, Wu is working on a maze that can assist patients in rehabilitation.

Wu’s hand-made “dial board” for recording patient’s information (Source: Zhong-Ren Wu)

Another marvelous Maker is Joe Hsu, also known as “ruby-tailed wasp.” In addition to teaching at Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Hsu never stops building things in his leisure. He believes that he can build everything he sets his mind to with his own hands and all the skills in his head. Examples include bronze handicrafts, 3D-printed works, and driftwood sculptures.

Works by Hsu (Photo: Yu-Fang Lin)

In addition to taking self-making as an interest, Emerson Shih, founder of My Yard Tech Co., Ltd., also hopes that through their creation as well as research and development, the desktop machine they built can help more Makers, workers in handmade artifacts, and teachers by fulfilling their needs at work and assisting with their tasks in daily life.

FORMART– A desktop machine that is not only user-friendly but also eco-friendly (Source: My Yard)


From the Maker’s works mentioned above, it is not hard to see that many Makers actually start building something because they simply want to solve problems. You may like building things with your own hands or using technology. In either way, as long as you maintain your firm belief in craftsmanship and continue to make something, you will see that the person that acquires the most is the one that never forgets their reason to start in the first place.

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