[Christmas Special] Santa & Reindeer

by Wen Create Maker Room

When it comes to Christmas, the only thing second to a Christmas dinner would be Christmas gifts~

Should you be wondering about what to give your loved ones, here is a Christmas gift that you can build with your own hands!

Santa & reindeer

The work Santa & Reindeer by Wen Create Maker Room was built using a sophisticated link and gear structure where the Santa and the reindeer could make movements that attract everyone’s attention. Connected gears enable synchronized movements between any two independent parts and joints. In particular, the electromechanical device allows the parts to move automatically and the speed of movements can be adjusted according to personal preferences. It can be really soothing when you look at it go on your desk!


Setting the size will be the first priority. As for gears to be used, it is best to first decide the specifications of the transmission gear, followed by its application. The same is true for screws. Next, decide the approximate size of the structure through hand-drawn sketch drafts. Sometimes, there can be minuscule tolerances in size if the draft is drawn by computers. For instance, a piece of work that appears to be the size of a palm in the computer may turn out to be only the size of a thumb after molding. The reason is that a drafted module on a computer can be enlarged at will.


This design adopts gears and linkages. With this type of mechanism, the following are a few tips that you may want to take into account:

1. The layout is crucial, especially how many parts there are in total and how they are numbered in order.

2. It is best that parts used are interchangeable for different structures so the variety of parts used can be kept at the minimum amount.

3. Some marks can be made as error-proofing aids. For instance, lines or dots can be marked on the side of male-female parts to keep them from being mixed-up during assembly.

3D Modeling and Debugging

3D modeling is rather crucial as it can help rule out possible errors and interferences in design. In addition, it shows builders the correct ratio of the structure size. Changes or fine-tuning can also be made to the entire structure during modeling.

Building samples


The Santa and the reindeer were originally two independently designed structures to be operated manually (see video). Yet, I changed my mind and decided to put them together; to allow movements among different parts, gears were required then. The entire structure also needed to be tested again to check if there were interferences between parts. Actually, I almost gave up because it was too troublesome to synchronize the part movements through calculation!


Everyone can design anything they set their minds to, coupled with talents in art and design. Better yet, Wen Create Maker Room is known for designing a piece of art that not even the designers would know how the final product is going to turn out.


In the fast-paced life today, people start to forget the touching moments and dreams they once had from fairytales. It is hoped that through this piece of work, people of all ages can once again embrace the passion and the start of their childhood dreams.

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