Mega Maker Day- The Most “Meg”nificent Maker’s Amusement Park in Southern Taiwan

by Jia-Jheng Yeh

Mega Maker Day for the third year in 2019 came to a perfect completion on December 7th and 8th. The event was built around the theme- “Meg”nificent Park. Makers from all walks of life were invited to build this wonderland together and there was a show for micro-entrepreneurs to present what they have built from scratch. It made a great opportunity for the general public to spot the well-seasoned professionals that walk among us. In addition, there was an exhibition area built upon five different themes including Maker’s Space, Maker’s Amusement Park, Maker’s Academy, Maker’s Bazaar, and Maker Show. All these diversified themes exited for one purpose- nurturing more Makers and promoting the Maker culture.

In a bazaar you will discover the secrets of Makers

A common stereotype of a bazaar or a market is always related to food. In comparison, Maker’s Bazaar features Stylish Making, Hands-on Handicraft, Innovation, Digital Art, and Cuisine. The event attracted over 100 Makers in both traditional and digital craft in Taiwan, including Lit Accessories, Cypress Block, HardPrint, and Novice Work Shop.

Maker’s Bazaar attracted Makers in both traditional and digital craft. (Source: Fan page of Mega Maker Day)

Hidden in the concrete jungle is an amusement park for Makers to build anything at will

To make this even greater, some streets in town were closed to create more spaces. In addition to building cute animal figures using wooden cardboard, Makers assembled and modified self-made cars using recycled materials in an area designated for themed competitions! The event this year was also unprecedentedly joined by 33 schools in Kaohsiung from the FabLab Alliance, which has been keen on promoting Maker’s culture. Warehouse B6 in Penglai Area was renovated into a Maker’s education theme museum not long ago, and the museum served as a stage during the event for all participating schools to present the robots they designed. This showcase perfectly brought out the spirit of having hands-on experience in response to the 2019 school curriculum.

Children attracted by the Self-made Car Competition(Source: Fan page of Mega Maker Day)

Maker Show- Micro-entrepreneurs showing their skills

Centering on the spirit of sharing, experience, and performance, the Maker Show at Mega Maker Day was an all-day show where entrepreneurs could share their own stories. Entrepreneurs from all walks shared the bittersweet stories of starting their companies, which attracted a group of like-minded enthusiasts that showed their support for each other. The event was also joined by many young Makers and entrepreneurs including 3DMart, Pi-AudioTech, and WOOD SONG.

Maker Show as a stage for micro-entrepreneurs to shine(Source: Fan page of Mega Maker Day)


Built upon the theme- Make it fun! Make it happen! the 2019 Mega Maker Day attracted people of different background. Through various insightful courses, lectures, and activities, the event carried on Makers’ spirit and their works. What distinguished Mega Maker Day from other Maker’s events was that at Mega Maker Day, you could to have “hands-on” experience all the time. It was not just passing by or hanging around at an event, but more of an opportunity for people to walk into the world of Makers and enjoy building something!