[Maker’s Note- Subplot] Learning Materials

by Yun-Han Lin

Whether you are beginners or well-seasoned Makers in a particular field, you must think that there is always more to learn, and you will want to keep taking in different techniques and ideas. If you agree with me, you will be interested in the following Makers who share their works on different social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

Usually, Maker’s Note focuses on sharing hands-on experiences for designing, but this article lists out Makers in different fields at home and abroad. The purpose is to introduce you to various amazing methods and ideas! **OmniXRI has done a similar list before. Visit their website

Comprehensive Application

  • Huzi : Currently the most famous DIY Maker in Taiwan. Starting from almost hand-made works without the help from any tools, now he has been trying different gadgets and new methods. I personally recommend the films where he visited different factories.
  • Tez Just Make: Mainly about design and production using metal, while there are several other themes, including introduction to different tools and 3D-printing.
  • I’mserious : A famous installation artist who shows you tools and processing methods. His rich experiences can give you quite some detailed and useful information.

CNC (Computer Numerical Control)

  • Little Machine Shop : A Facebook group run by Mr. Lin, who is very experienced in CNC processing with various materials. Help yourself with countless CNC-related resources in his group!

Arduino / Electric Appliances

  • DavidHuangsLab: An Arduino-based platform. David shares works of his students from Kang Chiao International School. Any interesting and unexpected ideas could be around the corner waiting for you!
  • Gensou: A beginner in self-making who produces Arduino-based designs. Videos are filmed with detailed information and guidance. The most recent project focuses on Arduino introduction for beginners.
  • Mr. DIY : A local channel in Taiwan that launches videos randomly, where you can find introduction to cool electronic components and applications. Personally, I have not taken a good look, but I am sure I will watch his videos and try to make a thing or two myself.

Other Materials

  • Ruby Yeh : The channel run by the boss of an arts and crafts store. Although embroidery falls a bit far from self-making, you may still find its content intriguing.

Radio Broadcast (Podcast)

Podcast is a bit like traditional broadcasts, but without the limit of time and devices used. Users can listen to programs through online streaming. It was not until recent years that there are artists in Taiwan producing Podcast channels, while Podcast has been a common media player in the United States for quite some time. There are various Podcast programs related to Makers or design that you may find interesting, such as Made For Profit, minor details, Making It, and Sleepwalker, and so on.