Maker’s Partner—Desktop CNC

By Jia-Jheng Yeh

When a Maker works on a project, equipment and tools are the most indispensable, in addition to expertise and knowledge. Allow us to present to you a series of desktop CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines with different features.

What’s a Desktop CNC?

Our impression for CNC machines is they are usually large and bulky. In recent years, with the advancement of technology and Maker’s rising needs for equipment, there have been 3D-printers, vacuum forming machines, and laser-cutters. The following is a brief introduction to some handy desktop CNCs!

  • LCD 3D-printer—T3D

One distinguishing feature between the T3D developed by CHIH TENG 3D TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.. and other 3D-printers is that it can be controlled using an application on matched mobile phones or tablets. In addition, the visible light curing resin gives the finished product more translucent visual effects and fine quality.

The app also links to the Cloud, where users are able to upload their designs and print a variety of unique creations at ease, in contrast to the complicated operation in the past.

  • Smart Vacuum Forming Machine—FORMART

FORMART, a desktop intelligent vacuum forming machine built by MY YARD TECH CO., LTD., features its industrial-level performance. The user-friendly interface makes creation so easy that users only need to mold their design using clay before air drying. Wood plates or potatoes are also good options for molding. Next, put the model into FORMART, a replica with high precision will be complete in a second.

According to Emerson Shih, founder of MY YARD, users can operate FORMART with ease even if they know nothing about digital drawing, 3D-printersor, or laser-cutters. Any piece of creation is possible, even with only a small number of designs.


Cubiio is a palm-sized laser-cutter cube with 5-cm edge length that can be easily powered by power banks. Using a matched application, users can engrave hand-drawn patterns, pictures, or any design on a piece of paper or leather.

To engrave a 10 cm2 pattern, just place Cubiio 15 cm in front of the work to be engraved. Activate the machine via the Bluetooth connection on mobile phones, and the cutting starts. It takes about 10 seconds to 10 minutes to complete the work, according to the size and complexity of the pattern. For beginners with zero experience in laser-cutting, Cubiio can be a handy tool!


In recent years, self-making has been quite popular, resulting in the prevalence of different desktop CNC machines, such as 3D-printers, laser-cutters, sculpture machines, etc., and their usage on various projects and designs. Different from the early days when creation required high threshold, ideas are no longer confined today. Instead, innovations can be realized through CNC machines of such small size, and even make their way into the market!