[Maker’s Notes- Subplot] My Ideas Come from…

by: Yun-Han Lin

I started running a YouTube channel and Facebook fan page since October in 2017. Although I stopped for a while, I still managed to produce 71 videos within 81 weeks. I always said, “Just stick to your goal, and everything will come through eventually.” The thing is, it is actually not that easy. This article is meant for those who want to do something but have not found their goal.

Not Knowing What to Do? Start from Imitating!

I started filming the process when I am working to force myself to come up with anything every week or every two weeks. If you are not a self-disciplined person, just like me, find a course to force yourself.

Through imitating other people’s works, you will find out what to modify with your work, in addition to improving your own skills. If you see any work on the Internet that interests you, just start making it. But do not forget to acknowledge the original author and follow regulations under the Creative Commons licenses. If you want to sell it, make sure your production meets the CC regulations as well.

Adam Savage 影片連結:https://youtu.be/ER7rhQ7N69k

3 Methods to Work Wonders

1. A+B: The most basic and easiest way to get started.

2. Find something that makes your life better: Details in your daily life have always been the best source of ideas and a sense of accomplishment.

3. Using different materials: If you want to use 3D printing in your creation. Ask yourself, “Can this be 3D-printed?” In this way, you will find yourself better at 3D-printing through every single practice.

Recommended Websites

With certain skills, you also need inspiration. I suggest forcing yourself to create, so that you will have to collect information and study hard on them.


1. Instructable: Various project template for your reference. A great source of inspiration for beginners.

2. Pinterest: Information on handicrafts, carpentry, and design.

3. Rob Ives: A British illustrator who specializes in using cardboard or wood to make automata toys. A good reference if you want to try automata design.

YouTube Channels

1. Mark Rober: The most famous maker youtuber in recent years who always makes breakthrough in creation every time.

2. Maker’s Muse: Focuses on 3D-printing. Shows you basic operational as well as practices in making your own work

3. Modern Builds: Remarkable planning and practices with innovation.

4. thang010146: Useful tool for automata design.

5. Chris Ramsay: A channel that reveals secrets to magic tricks. A good source of inspiration.

6. Arduino Maker Project: Projects on Arduino’s themes. You can also find projects by students from Kang Chiao International School.

7. gensou: Videos about Arduino design with complete instructions in self-making.


I have little creativity. Through these methods, I can urge myself to practice and gradually develop keen observation and creativity. I hope my experience could help those who do not know where to start find a course in the their life as a Maker.